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Our company KWSCZ s.r.o. has developed unique possibilities to give the surface of metal, plastic, glass and fabric excellent antibacterial and antiviral properties and at the same time protect them from mechanical or chemical damage.

Protected surface with antibacterial and antiviral layer acquires:

  1. permanent antibacterial and antiviral protection, with an efficiency of almost 100%
  2. excellent surface hardness up to 9 out of 10 on the Mohs hardness scale
  3. protective surface against external chemical influences

Our antibacterial and antiviral layer is:

  1. light metal with excellent corrosion resistance
  2. metal with excellent mechanical properties (strength, hardness, chemical inertness)
  3. available in a wide range of colored metallic decors

Why is our antibacterial and antiviral layer better than other layers?

  1. The production of our layer is absolutely ecological (without chemicals or fumes) and therefore economically advantageous
  2. On the surface, they actively eliminate bacteria and create unfavorable conditions for viral substances
  3. The basis of the antibacterial layer is an alloy of several metals, where the basic element is titanium, which is a polymorphic light metal with excellent resistance to oxidation, corrosion and excellent mechanical properties. It is an absolutely non-allergenic metal and also has excellent strength and hardness. With a composite composition with other elements, it acquires highly antibacterial and antiviral properties permanently.

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